“Time is a storm in which we are all lost. Only inside the convolutions of the storm itself shall we find our directions.”

William Carlos Williams said it well when he compared time to a chaotic force to be reckoned with. With the eye reputedly it’s calmest point, and convolutions of the storm far more testing, it is easy to see why he believed it is in these convolutions, or difficult times, that we are shaped, and emerge with a sense of direction.

For each person ‘convolutions of the storm’ will appear in different sizes and on different occasions; alas, it is that time of year again where I find myself facing some of mine.

Is this another nod to the current state of affairs in politics today? You might ask. As bleak as things are, and as much as conversation is merited, political lamentation seems more akin to being trapped in the aftermath of natural disaster than confronting the stresses of blustery winds that lie ahead.

Perhaps something more jovial then, is ‘that time of year’ referencing all the valentine celebrations of late? Again, this too is not to what I am referring. As much as I would love to say personal difficulty stems from having to pack for some last minute romantic getaway, the reality is somewhat less frivolous and far more mundane.


This Is Just To Say


Exam season

is here


the storm


and books

offering knowledge


to be read


Forgive me

I won’t be writing

so often

and so soon


– Matilda Dancing

One thought on “This Is Just To Say

  1. I remember first reading this poem, while teacher training actually, and I have used it (with varying success) in the classroom. Very clever use of the poets form to reflect on the exam prep season!


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