“My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; // Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;…”

Some time ago Minnie (Dancing that is, not Mouse) was given this poem, and a project brief. Her mission? To write a poem in response to Sonnet 130, from the view of the poem’s subject: Shakespeare’s Mistress.

After a little collaborative effort, she ended with this:


Sadness’ cloak covers my lover’s face,

It is a cage made from titanium bars,

Locking him away from my every embrace,

Leaving my heart covered in deep broken scars,

Sweet words, amongst smoke, bring scents of a flower,

His smile, ribbon red, and it reaches his eyes,

But hardly, if ever, cometh the hour,

When either presents, to bring butterflies.

Hands, so good for his writing – his first love,

But alas, in which light is my story thus told?

Juliette, fair maiden, is a star from above,

And I am nor candle nor mere flame to behold.

Yet I do love my lover and this he knows,

For of all the fair maidens, it was me that he chose.


– Minnie Dancing

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